WINEsplaining are our group educational classes and winemaker tasting series. 

Winemakers - We schedule amazing zoom wine tastings with female winemakers from around the world. You purchase their offered wine package off of our website, receive a Zoom link, and log in at the scheduled time along with others. We taste through the wines together, learn about the winemaker’s process, answer your questions and have a good time! It’s like a vacation from your home!

Educational Classes - We offer single classes and course options with wine tasting included, taught by Vinovore’s own Coly Den Haan. Below are some examples of class themes.

  • Class 1 - Tasting Fundamentals - We will cover the basics of how to taste and evaluate a wine. During this process we will also cover how a wine is structured and start learning your wine vocabulary.
  • Class 2 - Wine Terminology & Lingo - What the heck does , “barnyard,” mean in a wine? Do you really know what a, “dry,” wine is? Is, “acid,” a good word or a bad word? We going to build on week one and figure it all out!
  • Class 3 - Natural Wine - Most people are starting to hear the term, “Natural Wine,” but not everyone knows exactly what that means. Since there’s no certification process like organic there’s a bit of confusion behind it. Not after this class and hopefully we make you a believer if you haven’t drank the koolaid (natural wine) already.
  • Class 4 - Grab That Wine List - Tips and tricks to help you navigate that daunting wine store shelf or that wine list the size of a novel at your favorite restaurant. Decipher those tricky wine labels with seemingly no useful information on them!
  • Class 5 - Old World vs New World - Is your poison a rustic Chianti from Italy or a buttery Chardonnay from California? This class will unpack some of the general differences between the two styles of wine with a little history sprinkled in.
  • Class 6 - Enology & Viticulture - Now that you have a better understanding overall of wine let’s take a small dip into the vast complexities of the science behind growing and making wine. 

Additional discounts are available for a class series or re-occurring events. 

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